Just like women, men also desire to stay fashionable throughout the year. Australian men are keen to make a style statement wherever they go, so let’s look at the 5 top trends for Australian men.

    1. A fitted shirt: A fitted shirt can make you look smart and attractive effortlessly. Moreover, it can be worn in several ways. A wonderful fitted shirt doesn’t mean that it has to be embellished with fancy designs and tabs. A nice fitted shirt can be easily transformed into a casual or a semi formal shirt, especially if you roll up the sleeves a little and unbutton the first two buttons, then you are perfectly ready for a casual outing. On the other hand, if you pair the shirt with a nice blazer, then you are totally ready for a semi-formal meeting. A fitted shirt should be in every man’s wardrobe. 
    1. Striped Sweater: A striped sweater should also be a must in every man’s wardrobe. It looks elegant and simple. The best thing about a striped sweater is that it is extremely soft and comfortable to wear. The simplicity of a striped sweater is enough to create a lasting impression. You can team a crew neck black and white striped sweater with white denim.
    1. Fitted jeans: An ill fitting pair of jeans can totally ruin your appearance, even if you carry an amazing personality or wear an expensive shirt. Therefore, wearing fitted jeans is mandatory if you want to look fashionable. Fitted jeans make the silhouette look sleek. However, many people misinterpret fitted as tight and skinny but a pair of jeans should be fitted, not unbelievably tight. A faded black pair of fitted jeans should be in every man’s wardrobe.
    1. Suit jacket: You would look dapper if  you wear a suit jacket with a micro stripe shirt which has a rounded collar. You can complete your look by adding a denim bow tie. This dapper look is trending these days and if you want to stand out from the crowd, then get this look immediately.
    1. Boots: Boots are a must in every man’s wardrobe. They have been trending since long before and this is one trend that won’t go out of fashion, ever! However, the boots should not be too chunky, they should be rather sleek and relatively low. A sleek pair of boots goes well with dress pants or even jeans.

    Every Australian Man should make these necessary additions to his wardrobe to look fashionable all year round.



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